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Monetary donations will provide needed resources to members of the Ashland Police Department and their families in times of crisis and it will also assist in the promotion of professional law enforcement leadership through funding for higher education and advanced leadership training. By providing these resources, the Foundation will ultimately benefit the Ashland community.

Your support goes directly to the Ashland Law Enforcement community, in the forms of enhanced safety and response equipment, morale boosting activities, and mental health, wellness, and fitness initiatives. In the past, the Foundation has also been able to cover the cost of two Ashland Police Department family funerals, because of the generous support of our community. Thank you!

We encourage you to donate online through PayPal’s secure interface (one-time credit card purchase is available, no need for a PayPal account).

If you prefer to pay by check:

Ashland Police Foundation, INC.
601 England Street
Ashland, VA 23005