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Our Story

In October, 2012, former Chief Douglas A. Goodman of the Ashland Police Department realized a need for an organization to help officers in times of need.  Following an officer’s tragic loss, it was determined that a benevolent resource was necessary to help those in the department during these difficult times.   He worked with members of the Ashland community and as a result the Foundation was formed by a group of eleven volunteer members.  Since its creation, the Foundation not only supports officers but gives back to the community it serves.  It is funded through donations and annual fundraisers.  



Rhett Townsend, President

John Leber, Vice-President

William D. Hamner, Secretary

Upton S. Martin, III, Treasurer

Past Board Members: Linwood Attkisson, Susan Tucker, Kimberly Mills

In Memory: Lee Roy Boshen, Jr. and Art McKinney

Board Members

Grant Azdell

Meriwether Gilmore

Lou Ann Z Jewell

Ross Luck

Rhonda Pleasants

Paul Sikkar

Joyce Smith

Have Questions About the Foundation?

We are happy to provide help. And if you’re interested in joining our board, we’d love to hear from you!